Out Here Hope Remains

There is hope for the helpless ... Cry Out To Jesus. -- Third Day

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Late Nite Tuesday

Image hosted by Webshots.com by jedobber It is so important that young people are impressed with the message of serving the helpless and poor. This has been ... not a spark, but a wildfire this summer on the Coast. Hundreds of young people have come to give of their time and energy for the sake of others. I told you a few posts back about Janelle and Emily from State Center, Iowa. Soon after Katrina hit, they went to New Orleans to help out with the Red Cross. There, they met Alice and her daughter, Christina, from California. Last week Janelle and Emily were here helping out, and decided to call Alice and tell her about the work. Alice and Christina came from California and took up where Janelle and Emily left off when they went home. Today Alice and Christina went home, but promised to come back around Thanksgiving. These wise women are teaching their daughters lifelong lessons they will never forget. Any of you parents of teenagers out there want to plant the seeds of service in their hearts? We have work you can do side by side. It is a great experience. Alice and Christina's picture is the one above. I think if you click on it, you will get a nice big picture. I'm trying something new with the pictures. Blogger is sometimes stubborn about importing pictures...this Webshots function makes it pretty easy. Larry has lived on the Coast for a while, but his "luck" hasn't been all that good. After the storm he found himself in a FEMA camper park where he reported there was rampant gunshots, drugs, prostitution, and theft. Three days after he moved there, he came home to find everything gone from his camper. Sometime after that his car was stolen, leaving him without transportation. Someone (the police?) took Larry's car to a stockyard where it was impounded at $37 a day (including Saturday and Sunday when they are closed!). Larry now owes over a thousand dollars and is not even allowed to retrieve his keys off of his keyring, some clothes out of the back, or any possessions. He owes more on it than the car is worth. To me, this is just another form of injustice - a situation where one has no recourse. Today Larry got on a bus and went back to his home town. I prayed with him this afternoon in my office ... but the words are hard to come by. DANGERS within DISASTERS is an upcoming post on the blog! Watch for it! Remember to check out the Crisis Headlines blog. Feel free to post any thoughts or engage in any conversation about the news there. Thanks for reading today. I hope your week is going well. Below: David and Elaine in a RARE moment of rest and relaxation. Image hosted by Webshots.com by jedobber