Out Here Hope Remains

There is hope for the helpless ... Cry Out To Jesus. -- Third Day

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

8 x 6

She called me yesterday because of her concern for her brother. After a long life of living away from God, he is dying and wanting to ask God to forgive him. I got the information from her and set out this morning to make the visit. He lives in a nursing home that I have never had opportunity to visit before today. This home is, unfortunately, sub-par even for nursing homes. The hallway was narrow and the floor dangerously uneven. The residents stared off into space for the most part, except for one man who was anxious to help me find my way to the right room. In a small room that I estimate to be 8 x 6, was a small bed, a broken down dresser, a night table, and a chair. There was one picture on the wall, and a ceiling with two different textures, reflecting a poor renovation job at some point. The bathroom is in the hall, shared by everyone. I walked in and introduced myself to my new friend. I think he talked for close to two hours, with only a few words from me to let him know I understood what he was saying. He didn't try to hide his life without attention to God's will. I reckon there's no need to go into his lifestyle on this blog. In a sorrowful moment of reflection, this 80 year old said, "I never thought I would end up here....Now that I want to go to church I can't go." Physically he is simply not able to do much more than sit up on his bed for short periods of time. We prayed together and I promised to return. He was on my mind the rest of the day. ********************** Clay Aiken's New CD is Released Today! Yes, I am an American Idol fan, and Clay is one of my favorites! My birthday is coming if anyone needs an idea! New Modular Homes Going Up in Pascagoula. Larry James Receives A Special Thank You! Gratitude is a beautiful gift all by itself. Minnesota Cleans Up After a Deadly Tornado. 28 Habitat Homes to be Built in Gautier. John Alan Turner's Thoughts on Joe Beam's Controversial Remarks about S-E-X.